Monday, November 22, 2004

stuff i sell Posted by Hello

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Im selling stuff working my ass up.. all this hard work for this.... cant wait to hit the beach for some RnR! I will start travellin again this January. I cant Wait!!! Posted by Hello

Here's more. Today has been a very busy day. I set up my bazaar and I start tomorrow morning. I hope alls well. Il start another bazaar probably this coming saturday at the lung center. I will sell batanggas chocolate, coffee and stuff. I like being merchant :) Posted by Hello

Stuff that I sell in my bazaar Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Where I want to spend my free time. Posted by Hello

My Car.. Randy

Continuing on my self biography. This is my car Randy. Weve been riding together ( that didnt sound nice hehehe ) for more than year now. Its been swell. Randy just got a new paint job so you can see him really oozing with grapeflavor. Posted by Hello

Im in the money mode this month...

Ive been getting nto bazaars recently, selling stuff that I find around town. I dont know if Im actually gonna get something out of it though but i have to admit Im already kinda nervous. I think Ive invested money already and If I dont get it back.. its gonna be a loss since a really spent a lot of money for it already. I just finished a bazaar somewhere in Palanan Village Makati. Spent the whole day there with my friend Grace. Didnt earn much money but earned new friends. Im hooking up with this merchant as well to join this bazaar thing in St Lukes Hospital, near my place. I dropped by to see the place this morning and asked around, they said a lot of people actually go there to buy stuff so Im keeping my fingers crossed that by joining this bazaar it might actually work for me. So good luck to me till then Posted by Hello

Gravity Posted by Hello

Looks like a crevice but its just actually a tip of an orchid trunk. It looked nice so I took a snapshot of it. Looks like a Pit. :)  Posted by Hello

Roots from the Orchid at the Backyard Posted by Hello

This is my shots on a boring All Saints Day, I couldnt find anything to do so I went to our backyard and took quick snapshots of stuff lyin around Posted by Hello

And this singer was wailing "Inspector Mills" that night. And the people were in awe.  Posted by Hello

You drop a coin infront of this guys and he moves. If you dont he's a statue. Really kewl :) Posted by Hello

This is Manila Bay Walk. Kewl wall huh? Posted by Hello

This is the MANILA CATHEDRAL. Me and my brother was bored All Souls Day so we decided to go driving round Manila for a Photo Session. And here is Manila Cathedral. You have to see it up close and personal. Its got engravings of weird latin words and stuff. But it really is beautiful especially no one was around to crowd it.  Posted by Hello

Holloween Chick Posted by Hello

This is my cute nephew Miguel striking a pose for me the other day diring out photosession. This was the only time a found out this kid can pose.:)  Posted by Hello

This is Bowie the cat. I found him sitting in a lone carinderia somewhere in Cubao. I call him Bowie because his left eye is blue and his right eye is brown.. Isnt he really unique??? Posted by Hello

The Candle I bought the other night from an Insomiac Man Posted by Hello

And this is my room Posted by Hello

Monday, November 01, 2004

I am me. My name is Ana Gracia Buenavista. At home I'm known as Ging. To my Mom im Ana Gracia ( specially when she converts herself into a hungry lion) To friends im either Ana or Pulandet ( and dont ask why) at work... Im Grae. Different names, and different identities for each. Why do you ask? Coz I am a Chameleon. I can be what you want me to be. I adapt to my environment. I try to blend in with everybody. Posted by Hello