Saturday, January 28, 2006

Jayjay and Rey hubug na  Posted by Picasa

sinulog Posted by Picasa

Jayjay the reggae porn star hehehe Posted by Picasa

Si Tita Naman hehe Posted by Picasa

hehehe me at Pandan Island with Tita Sally. pa sexy kuno hhehehe nakatago sa poste yung bilbil hehehe Posted by Picasa

My other friend InIn notty dreadz and Ana kulot Posted by Picasa

My pretty friend Zap and Motmot Posted by Picasa

Bouldeing event in Gorordo, my best bud here in Cebu Ana joined this competition Posted by Picasa

Nax studying the wall my friend hehehehe Posted by Picasa

Scene from manilas not so busy streets Posted by Picasa

Jhastin hehehe wala lang nice yung pic nya e Posted by Picasa

Picture taking with Kuya in manila.. wala lang trip trip lang Posted by Picasa

my Family hanging out by the beach in Galera Christmas 2005 and kewl namen noh hehehehe Posted by Picasa

Arvin,... artist, musician, hiphop, dj. basta talentado siya Posted by Picasa

Me ever kewl brother at the Furball Party Posted by Picasa

my Crush. Dotdot of Skies of Ember Posted by Picasa

Last month pa to forgot to post lang pero... We joined Coats' climb sa BonBon hehehehe Kakapagod pero project pa ren Posted by Picasa

happy New yeaR!!!!  Posted by Picasa

Yomas interpretation Posted by Picasa

Jayjays drum Posted by Picasa

Me and my supposed friend at the Sinulog procession Posted by Picasa

my plant interpretation Posted by Picasa

bored in matutinao the maniniyuts strike hehehe Posted by Picasa

La Playa in Matutinao where we had our shift planning session Posted by Picasa

Ang Bagong tribo Ni Jan Allah posing outside ayala just after a day gig. Posted by Picasa