Sunday, July 31, 2005

Me and Kalyeana at Jayjay's house Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Tops Cebu. Pauline's Bday Posted by Picasa

Yes... hehehe playing billiards before class Posted by Picasa

At Teofl with my Law School buddies. Our teacher was absent that day and we all agreed to drink a little before our next class hehehehe Posted by Picasa

Onion Leaves Jamming at Jah Cafe Mandaue Posted by Picasa

Scoobie Jr :) Bernards angel :) Posted by Picasa

Me and my Law School BUddies hangin out at the concert Posted by Picasa

Simple Ra Bai Concert at Talamban Posted by Picasa

Moon Cafe Exhibit Place and Restaurant. Guadalupe Posted by Picasa

Leo's artwork.. posted at the Moon Cafe Posted by Picasa

Leo's Pad. Artist from Neo Tribe and his bonggo's kewl dude Posted by Picasa

Another Kalyeana skimboard with model Jay Posted by Picasa

Kalyeana's New Product. With Rey the model :) Posted by Picasa

Kickboxing competition at SM Cebu Headed by my coach Jun Francisco of NKF Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 18, 2005

The New ACS Shirt

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Boring Sunday

Its my first Sunday here in the Office. I used to have a Sunday Monday time off at work but they changed it to Fridays Saturdays for my school needs. But Its just now I realized how boring Sunday is. I did nothing today. Just stared at my computer. I made a newsletter for our segment (ACS) and that was it. Last night we went to TOPS for Pau's bday twas cold :) I loved it. Went there with mi chocolate Jayjay. We had lots a fun takin pictures. Drinkin beer as usual. Got home round 3. Right now, I feel useless. I miss mi chocolate but we cant see each other everyday otherwise we'll be sawa. Okei since I started bout mi chocolate might as well tell a story bout us. We met here in Cebu Jan 17. Sinulog festival. They were sellin skimboards in Ayala and they caught my attention. I wanted one for my own. So I ordered. I asked them for their number and they gave Jayjay's number. So I txted him. So we were kinda txting each other and it was comforting because he knew how to speak in Tagalog pretty well. I was new in Cebu at that time having arrived on Jan 2, i was just on my 2nd week and was having a hard time understanding the dialect. So it was really a delight to know someone who can speak Tagalog but is from Cebu. We exchanged questions and we learned from each other that we like to travel. We were already pretty much at ease and It was weird because I was already looking forward to his messages. Then one boring day as I was walking along the streets of Lahug, looking for something to do I decided to txt him to ask him to go out and drink with me. He said yes and we met infront of our condo (Kepel) There he was short, dark, wearing a cap,pair of shorts and shirt. I was wearing cut offs , had my sigay beads which I bought here, and tsinelas. He looked like a young boy to me. Seemed harmless. So he invited me to go to Kayahag which was not so far so we just walked. I was cool with it. So we went. He had a bit of an accent but can speak Tagalog pretty well. When we reached Kahayag I ordered two beers, because I said it would be my treat. Then we started exchanging stories. He told me bout his group here in Cebu, (Guardians) and that he was part of YFC as well, and that he smoked weed ahahaha and that he would love to bring me to the beaches in Cebu. I was excited. I now have a companion. We had a good drinkin but his mom was txting him to go home, so he asked me If I wanted to go home with him, i was kinda caught aback with his suggestion. I was thinkin... hmm does he want something?... is he trying something? So i declined and just told him that I'd go home and rest. We exchanged txt's. He said I was asteed or something that went to sleep. The next day, he invited me to catch a movie.. so I thought.. hmm is this a date or something.. but I didnt mind, coz he seemed to be a good friend if ever. So I met him in Ayala. We were supposed to watch meet the fockers but it was full so we watched this Kung fu movie instead, which was sooo funny. One thing I remember bout him was .. he was kinda fast hahaha he would try to put his arms on my shoulder ( akbay) haha but I didnt really take it seriously since as I said he seemed to be an OK friend. The next time we met was we went to Kahayag again to drink.. this was when we got sooo drunk... hahaha I literally cried to him that night because I was missing my Dad so much. We walked up to Keppel, two drunk people.... then I looked up the sky and saw the moon I was in awe and at the same time drunk so I asked him to lie on the grass with me. It was fun because we were so free. I felt so real with him. No pretentions, I wasnt ashamed to do anything that would make we look weird coz malakas din siya mag trip like me which was really kewl. So after I couldnt remember what were our other gimiks pero we would spend time with each other more than once a week. And we loved each minute we were together. Then 1 time , on one of our gimiks,we went to a videoke place near Kahayag... he sang. Is this love by Bob Marley, he took of his shirt, so he was wearing sando at that time... and he sang it so well we even danced... That time, I felt a spark, I looked at him in a different way. I was starting to like this guy :) Then we did a lot of other stuff, like we went to Coral Reef HOtel Beach, this was the first time we really got close, we were starting to be all over each other, But we were still not together, we called each other bestfriend, at this time, his ex was always calling him and we were hiding coz she was sorta getting jealous of me already. We had a beach mat, he brought my favorite rice " corn rice" we bought food from Mandaue, we swam at the beach and watched the sunrise at the mat. It was all too perfect. After this we had so much adventures pa, we went to Opon pa, with my officemates, he cooked for us. He would casually acompany me to get my laundry, to look for popcorn vendors, look for a caterer, hang out at Kepel, Then Moalboal came. I brought my L2's to Moalboal for a GA. Ofcourse I brought him along. So again he cooked for my team mates, he took care of them well, we did the marketing, then we drank, and then.... hehehe we kissed. It was our first kiss at Moalboal. I was sleeping, he was beside me,, then he managed to steal a kiss. And we kissed again. The next morning, we were already holding hands, and were hugging each other. That afternoon we went to Panagsama, to have lunch, then my team mates had to go back to Cebu City, I stayed behind with Jayjay coz I didnt have work the next day. Then we were just hanging out at Panagsama, with a tent, all our stuff.. then we decided to go to Kawasan. It was 7:00 already so we said we'd go night trekking, LUckily i bought a candle, It was quite an adventure, we climbed up the route to the top level of the falls, it was soo tiring but when we reached the top, It was fantastic. although it was dark I can hear the gushing of the water. I also dipped my foot and It was sooo cold. So we pitched our tent, washed up and slept. .... heheh and kissed again,this time with more passion, and in the middle of our excited kisses we mumbled to each other "I love you". That was the beginning of our inseparable lives. From then on we were inseparable. We managed to go to Bohol, Siquijor, Dumaguete, Dalaguete, We had a lot of beach adventures. We would see each other not less than 3 times a week. Now were both in school, him taking up Com E, me Law. Im still working, he's trying to get business to run. And hopefully we fullfill our dreams together..A house by the beach, a small bar or resto, a botique with beads and beach stuff to sell, Jam in a reggae or tribal band,, and live a simple life, enjoying nature. I wish we can maintain our relationship, and I wish to God we would be able to protect each others heart from fading. Because he is my love .... mi chocolate ... my warm sunshine.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Im very very sad today. Im feeling very blue. Nothing excites me. It seems like a wiff of bad air had passed me this morning causing such despair over simple things.  Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 04, 2005

Our future t-shirt design Posted by Picasa
9 am im at work as usual. Listening in to a meeting that is supposed to determine the L2's fate. sigh... I'm missing my chocolate. We had a fight yesterday coz he shouted at me. and I dont like being shouted at and pag pina[ahiya ako, but I never fight back... I just keep quiet.... really really quiet until i forget about my bad vibe. I wish he wouldnt shout or get mad every now and then. I dont like fighting... its for babies.. and I aint young na noh Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Yes... Posted by Picasa

Lance , Papa Alvs, Papa Roy and Dave Playing at Kahayag Bar Mabolo Posted by Picasa

Etelecare Summer Beach Party!!!! yeayeayea!!! Posted by Picasa

The TSS Society.A group of 15 manning a team of 2000 Posted by Picasa

This is ma Tita Sally :) Posted by Picasa

My Recent Pic Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 01, 2005