Saturday, June 25, 2005

Selling stuff at Siquijor again hehehe we maged to sell a few Posted by Hello

This is the whole group at Michales house in Dumaguete Dawin Posted by Hello

CoCo Grove Beach Hotel in Siquijor. I can say is a rich mans world but a Honeymooners paradise. Ang mahal dito! Posted by Hello

This is the village's Public Pool. Did you know ther are a lot of big fishes here in different colors Posted by Hello

While travelling along the road we saw a Man holding a fish he caught. :) Posted by Hello

Everyhting there is close to the sea Posted by Hello

Heres Siquijours Famous Old Church Posted by Hello

We leave the beach to go around the Siquijor Island to explore its richness :) Posted by Hello

View from the Ridge of Salagdoong Beach Posted by Hello

And the we eat hehehehe. To tired of walking and going from one place to another we camp on the each and cook our meal Posted by Hello

There werent a lot of people> Here you can find a very famous ridge where people oftne jump. It was too high I cant do it hehe Posted by Hello

And we reach Salogdoong Beach Siquijor. Twas maginificently Emerald Posted by Hello

This was the hardest adventure ever. We walked 6 hours straight under the sun just to reach the waterfalls. But managed to jump 7 feet hehehe to the water Posted by Hello

Met Mr Birch Tree Cow along the way hehehe Posted by Hello

Camping at Bandilaan Peak Siquijor with jayjay and his friends.  Posted by Hello

Jayjay with his friends from moalboal. Thats Imo, Jayjay, Itot and I forgot hehehe Posted by Hello

Selling stuff on the beach of Moalboal Posted by Hello

Abandoned Prison with the last bandit hehehe Jayjay Posted by Hello

Prison Den at the downtown area. Twas already vacant coz this is the old prison cells in Cebu. They built a new one and transferred all the bandits there,Coz I guess there were too much bad men already and they wouldnt fit here anymore Posted by Hello

Last shot with the mother of all falls in Kawasan Posted by Hello

Tambay by the raft with Jingle and Kim Posted by Hello

Most beautiful Kawasan Morning hehehehe. I always go to this place. Its so refreshing eh. Posted by Hello

Ashley and Preggy Russel.Skimboarding? Nah hehehe just posing Posted by Hello

Panagsama Moalboal. Dinner by candlelight at the beach. Posted by Hello

Ride Michael Ride. heheheThis is Chong skimboarding in Bantayan, Posted by Hello